10 Best Ecommerce websites of 2015

Each year, new technologies and creative thinking creates a new fleet of ecommerce websites that are interesting or fun or effective. The best sites are all of the above. These are our picks of the best ecommerce websites of 2015. Each is chosen for their functionality, presentation, and general appeal. See the best ecommerce styles that the world offers today.

1 -Casper - Mattress buying has never really been thought of as a fun activity, but Casper.com makes it so easy and a bit humorous. The website has a clean simplicity that is really hard to beat. Few pop-ups and a plain, white background make it easy on the eyes. The home page is so straightforward even a child could buy a perfect mattress.  

2 -Nebia - One product and the simplest of websites. Nebia sells a space-age showerhead that is presented in a professional and relaxed way. The entire website is one page, because they didn't need to make it more complicated. Every question a visitor could have is answered on a single website.  

3 -Nest - This home page opens to a call to action. "Buy Now" Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat. The entire product appears about the fold and a click to the right or left shows you more products. The items are nearly life-size on the page giving you a sense of seeing them in a brick-and-mortar store.  

4 -BeoPlay - In one photo and two sentences, you know what Bang & Olufsen sells, audio listening devices. Their headphones page drops down to show you simple outlines of the styles they offer. One click and you can have the perfect headgear.  

5 -V76 - Vaughn understands the psychology of men. Show me what you have, give me something useful to learn, and make it easy to buy. With a slideshow on the left and a scrollable list of products and blogs, the site feels as much like a magazine as an ecommerce site.  

6 -JackErwin - Shoes speak louder than words. With the simple statement, the Jack Erwin page reminds you that shoes make the man. It's hard to look at the site and not feel like you need a great pair of shoes to be complete. Again, simplicity with information is the success of this website and a well-placed shoe shaming sentence.  

7 -Raen - Above the fold are photos of happy people wearing Raen glasses. Each photo shows a model to the left and the glasses, with a clickable link to the right. The "Buy It Now" effect is palpable. Just below the fold, in a simple slideshow strip, is the entire Raen catalog of products. One scroll, one click and you have purchased $100+ handmade sunglasses.  

8 -Ayr - Ayr greets you with a model and a simple "Shop Now" button. If you landed here accidentally, you might not know exactly what in the photo they sell. The answer is everything (except, of course, the model). This is clothing sales with a bit of mystery, like the secret door to a private and exclusive club.  

9 -CienneNY - Another simple shop now page, with a hint of a scroll down. The scroll not only shows you what they sell, but the first item you see is their mission statement about selling ethical women's clothing. The images and site are so haute couture you almost expect someone to pop up in your house and ask if you would like to try anything on (and would like a glass of champagne, miss?).  

10 -HelBak - Ceramics- for most of us this is a word most closely associated with first grade crafts projects. At Helbak, it's where fashion and art meet functionality. The website has precisely the same feel. Each class of items in their catalog has an image that clicks to a full page of offering. At the bottom of the home page is their story. Simple, functional art, their products and their website.   The key to a good ecommerce website is ease of use for your customers. The key to a great ecommerce website is something that is both beautiful and functional.

If you like what you see and would like something like these for your own company, contact us today. We can create an ecommerce site that will put your company on the 2016 lists of the best ecommerce sites.

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