Shopify Unite 2017 - Take the path that leads to more entrepreneurs

It was a great pleasure attending Shopify Unite 2017. Although this was the second edition for the convection, for us it was the first time attending. We had a great time networking with Shopify Partners and talking to the Shopify team about their business strategies and new technologies they are planning to improve or implement this year. As always, they are raising the stakes so high, being one step ahead of the competition. It seems that they listen very carefully to Partners and Merchants and they keep working their platform and making the community around Shopify more connected so everyone is one notch ahead of the competition.

But what does the future look like? We are listing the five most important updates Shopify is working on (or has already launched) in 2017. This is the list of the top three new improvements Shopify announced on the Shopify Unite convention.

Shopify Pay

The first update that was introduced is Shopify Pay. Shoppers can now check out instantly by entering a 6-digit verification code sent to them. Instead of entering the shipping information and payment details every time they purchase from a Shopify powered website, shoppers will have the option to save their information in Shopify Pay.  They will immediately receive the verification code via SMS when they are ready to check out. The new check out procedure will require only their email address and the 6-digit verification code. No more time wasted typing!

Wholesale Build On Module for Shopify Plus

The Wholesale Channel was created to help you grow your business using your existing store. Instead of relying on spreadsheets, handmade draft orders, or cloned stores the wholesale channel positions merchants to expand their market, sell to high-volume customers, and increase lifetime customer value.While B2B ecommerce is expected to grow to more than $1 trillion by 2020, just 12% of all B2B sales are forecast to occur online. Your wholesale store is more than just a glossy product catalog. It’s a place where customers can log in to see specific products priced just for them. It’s why we built the Wholesale Channel to sync with your current store and automate much of the work involved. In fact, you can automate 80% of the orders that are the same as those in your main store while still offering a unique wholesale customer experience. Importantly, by using the Draft Order API, wholesale orders surface right alongside retail orders giving you a streamlined single point of integration.

Native Mobile APP Store Builder for Shopify Plus

The Mobile Store Builder allows Shopify Plus merchants to build a native mobile app without any technical expertise or coding. The platform is powered by a sophisticated template system that positions merchants to create apps using customizable themes. Importantly, Plus merchants can build iOS and Android apps at no added cost instead of spending months and significant amounts of money developing an app from scratch. Creating your own native app can also provide you with a competitive advantage as native apps load faster and are more responsive. In fact, a native app also positions merchants to intelligently access and leverage smartphone specific features like notifications, location, and camera.

These were the biggest system improvements, although there were a handful other important updates that will definitely be a game changer for Shopify sellers. Feel free to reach us if you want to know more about other updates, technical improvements, new API and more.

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