J.L. Matthews

JJ.L. Matthews has grown from a small company to a major leader in the Electric Utility, Tree Care, and Structural Iron and Steel Industries. Joe Matthews, a Navy man from Grove City, PA, excelled at bringing ideas to life. Working for the W. M. Bashlin Company (now Bashlin Industries), he managed production and helped invent many products which are still used in the industry today. The most important was the design and invention of the Shifting or Floating D-Ring Lineman's Belt.

In 1946, Joe Matthews left his production job and moved his family to Fort Worth, TX to start his own business. Starting in a single car garage behind his house, Joe manufactured lineman’s belts, holsters, pole straps and accessories. J.L. Matthews quickly grew as an industry leader in lineman tools and safety equipment. The company has dedicated itself to continually improving its customer experience through technology and training and providing above and beyond service to its business customers.  

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