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Andrew O'Rourke
VP of Operations @ Bariatric Fusion
Pivofy was there to guide us through which platforms we should use. Sales for June - January on Shopify are 85% higher than June - January on Magento. That growth is accelerating as January alone was 115% higher YOY. Our subscribers through Recharge are up over 499% since the switch. The switch to Shopify Plus and the hiring of Pivofy are two of the best decisions our company has made.
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  • We work only with Shopify
    We used to work with multiple platforms, but we ditched them, mainly because of the poor performance and stagnant innovation. We are also inspired by Shopify's mission to empower every entrepreneur and business, no matter the size, and we stand by it.
  • We don't deal with drop-shipping businesses
    There is nothing wrong with the drop-shipping business, and we know a lot of them are doing great stuff by bringing some cool and affordable products to new markets. We have no prejudice against this business model; it just doesn't fit our processes.
  • We work like one tight-knit team
    Suppose you are looking for an agency with multiple teams, salesforce, project managers, lead team managers, with multiple bureaucratic layers, where there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. In that case, we probably are not a good fit to be your partners.