Leading with Your Best Foot- Using Your Product Page as Your Landing Page

The logic is simple: Since Google delivers customers to your products page, design your products page ...

Leading with Your Best Foot- Using Your Product Page as Your Landing Page

The logic is simple: Since Google delivers customers to your products page, design your products page to be your leading landing page. Many companies spend a huge amount of money building a great home page. This is fine, but Google is taking most of their customers to the products pages. If the products pages are designed to be attractive pages, meaning self-contained pages that allow users to find anything they need, it will likely be a more successful design. In an analysis of visitors to the website Pawstruck, it was discovered that nearly ¾ of all visitors were landing on product pages. Also,this is problematic for many companies that are using PPC on Google Shopping feeds. Those clicks usually take customers directly to product pages, and not on custom landing pages. It is a more effective design to change the products pages into landing pages that are optimized to get the best SEO and ranking. Here are a few simple hints that will help to make your website more effective and increase sales:

  1. Stay Above the Fold Just about everything that is below the fold on a webpage is pointless. Think about how many times you have opened a webpage, look at everything that pops up on your screen and then click away. Everyone else is doing the same thing. Act as if you only have one screen to capture them with, because you do.
  2. Show your Unique Value Proposition There is a decent chance that the customer has surfed or will surf to at least five other sites along with you. Be different. UN-usual is the currency that powers the Internet. UN-usual meaning not normal.
  3. Love when Your Customers Love You If your customers send you photos of them wearing your products, using your products, or even making (harmless) fun of your products, be sure to put it on every social media platform you can find. You can even pay them through gifts or discounts to send you pictures. People love a company that interacts with them.
  4. Use a Great Showcase for your Products Videos are the best way to convey information quickly. If a picture paints a thousand words, then video is about a million words a minute. Highlight your products, answer common questions, and sell your product well through moving images. Your video should feel like QVC (maybe a little less enthusiasm).
  5. Get Product Reviews The more great reviews you have, the more customers you have. It really is that simple. Since people can't touch your products until after buying, they take the word of others. Ask for reviews constantly. You can use a service like Yotpo that follows up with your customers with automated emails asking for their review. Every Internet purchase is a social decision; think socially.
  6. Three column design Nearly every web design program and site has a three column design. Use one of these pages to tell your customers everything they want to know at a glance. Column 1: An image of your product. Column 2: 5-10 bullet points that emphasize your product's strengths. Column 3: Details like price, specs, etc. that a client should know before making a final decision. Give yourself 30 seconds to tell your customer everything they need to know to buy from you.

Understanding that product pages are the most important pages can help you to create a site that is effective and complete in the eyes of your customers and also lead to a higher conversion rate.

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