The Importance of Selecting the Best Platform

When creating or designing a new website, it is extremely important to ensure that you choose the best platform that will keep the site running smoothly and efficiently to promote the best results. Knowing the differences between Shopify and Magento 2, the two most popular ecommerce platforms, is the key to getting started.  Don't Make this MistakeThe mistake that many people make is that they start their website design before they choose their ecommerce platform. This is a bad idea. The ecommerce platform informs the rest of the site design from the first moment. Your website will go sideways if you're not paying attention. In almost every case, the designers and the client started talking about what they wanted the website to look like before they decide what they want it to do. One example of a website that's designed for function, not beauty, is Google. A simple white box in the middle of the screen is all you need. Google dominated it's market when it first started by not having a page filled with stuff before it figured out its core function.  

What do you need most from your platform?

Below we go into a bit more detail on the two major platform designers, Shopify and Magento 2, but before you even get there, you need to consider what you need your site to do. Is your site going to relatively simple and straightforward? Do you need lots of flexibility? How many different features will you need in order to accomplish what you are setting out to do? Most importantly, who are you hiring to install and design your site? What are they great at or can they handle either platform?  

Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform: Shopify vs. Magento

The two largest platforms for your online shop are Shopify and Magento 2. Shopify is the most famous. It's easy to use. The Onboarding and Daily Use are both very simple. Compared to Magento 2, Shopify is much easier to get started and keep going. Magento 2 has more features available, which is what lends to its complexity. In fact, most users of both platforms will hire a third-party to set up and maintain their platform.   In a nutshell:

  • Shopify
  • Lower cost
  • Has a hosted platform
  • Easier to manage
  • Lighter platform
  • Faster design from start to finish

  • Magento 2
  • Tons of features
  • More robust
  • More complex
  • Better discounting system
  • More powerful backend for inventory and shipping maintenance

 In essence, if a more basic platform will work, Shopify is great. If you want maximum flexibility and more options, Magento 2 is the right choice.  

The Most Important Point

You must choose your platform before you even consider your design. Trying to design a website then choose a platform is like choosing a paint color before you decide what to build your wall out of. Start with what you want it to do, then choose the platform. The design will help to script itself after that.

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