The Importance of Selecting the Best Platform

When creating or designing a new website, it is extremely important to ensure that you choose the best platform that will keep the site running smoothly and efficiently to promote the best results.


An interview with our founder about User Experience – Robert Half Technology

Denis Dyli is the founder of Pivofy, a digital agency that specializes in designing and developing e-commerce websites. He has more than eight years of UX and user interface (UI) design and development experience, and most recently delved into customer experience design. We chatted with him about what it takes to be a CX designer and how managers can recruit

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12 Must-Haves on Your B2B Ecommerce Website

It happens billions of times per day. Trillions of dollars are exchanged. All of it taking place on business to business (B2B) e-commerce sites. In spite of all of this, many B2B sites are missing one or several elements that could increase sales and improve the customer experience.


8 ways to improve ecommerce conversion rate

Boosting your conversion rate is the ultimate goal of every online shop owner. So what conversion rate should I be shooting for? Anything that is better than what you have is the goal. Continuous improvement of your conversion rate is all you need.


5 amazing TED talks every ecommerce business owner must see

Great advices on decision making influences to be applied on ecommerce. Scientists speak how our brain works when there is a decision to be made (ex. buy something) and what can complicate or simplify this process. If applied well, these advice can help you increase conversion rate and overall business performance.


8 facts you need to know before you start an e-commerce business

If you have decided to get into the e-commerce business, there are a seven important facts you need to know upfront. This accumulated information is key when considering to get involved with online sales and marketing. In addition to the quality of the product you are planing to sell, you must think hard to plan a strategy for the issues listed

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10 Best Ecommerce websites of 2015

Each year, new technologies and creative thinking creates a new fleet of ecommerce websites that are interesting or fun or effective. The best sites are all of the above. These are our picks of the best ecommerce websites of 2015. Each is chosen for their functionality, presentation, and general appeal. See the best ecommerce styles that the world offers today.


The Role of Mobile Shopping for the 2015 Holiday Season

For years, analysts have been telling us that mobile access will be the key to online retail success. We might have finally reached the point when mobile shopping has overtaken shopping on computers. According to a report published by Shopify in August of 2014, 50.3% of all online shopping occurs on mobile devices. Interestingly, consumers have not been buying on

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The Great Chicago (e-Commerce) Fire

Sure, Silicon Valley gets lots of press for their tech startups, but there is a quiet giant that is producing some of the most innovative companies in the country. Chicago, Illinois is one of the world’s great cities and has been a financial center for over 100 years. Now, rising technology start-ups are breathing a powerful new wind into the

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Local Commerce is the Future of E-commerce

Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, nearly everyone got everything they needed from the stores near their homes. Today, it is not unusual to place an order for an item that is on the other side of the country or the world and have it in your hands in a few days. A few days is no longer

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