Holistic and results-driven ecommerce solutions.

We are a full-service web design and development shop creating ecommerce sites to drive interaction and sales. The engaging, interactive and sales-oriented Shopify Plus sites we build are proven to drive traffic and results. Just ask any of our customers. Seriously...we love offering references.

Whether you are starting from scratch or migrating from a different platform, we take a holistic and results-driven approach to your digital strategy. Our capabilities? Glad you asked. We're skilled at ecommerce development, platform integrations, user experience design and digital strategy. Of course we have plenty of other skills, but they're probably irrelevant to your web needs ;) 
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Harness the power of Shopify with our ecommerce services.

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Your story is unique, your product is remarkable and your mission is extraordinary. We help brands like yours transform innovative ideas into commercial successes through ecommerce. Let's communicate your story  through exceptional shopping experiences and customer-obsessed journeys.


If you sell to other businesses, you need a unique offer and a comprehensive message. By implementing the most robust technologies and adapting user experiences, we model seamless, smooth and feature-rich B2B shopping experiences to make your business stand out from the competitors.


For consumable products, offering subscriptions is a game-changer. Users benefit from automated re-ordering and personalization, and your business gains predictability of revenues and inventory. It's a win/win. Unless you hate delighting customers and streamlining your business. Then it's a lose/lose.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket. (Figuratively speaking...do what you want with your actual eggs.) Grow your business by incorporating additional digital channels, product listing feeds, marketplaces or offline sales channels.  Our team will handle the implementation so you can enjoy those eggs while watching your sales take off.


Building a website has never been easier, yet building a competitive website has never been more complicated. Let us un-complicate it. We're digital blacksmiths building websites not just rich in features and design, but also optimized for performance. It's literally our only job.


Mobile-first is how we approach every project because, ya know, people tend to use those phones for more than calls these days. Our mission is to convert those swipes and thumb taps to sales, and we follow all best practices to improve load speed and enhance SEO. Need a mobile app? You're in luck; we can crush that project for you, too.

Our process

Branding & Identity
Let's define your market position and value proposition. Then, we'll elevate your online presence and prepare for exponential growth.
Analytics & Positioning
We'll analyze your current website performance, customer acquisition and conversion rate and propose actions to optimize your KPIs.
Goals & Targets
Through open and honest communication, we identify your short- and long-term goals and establish clear deliverables to meet your expectations.
From the day you reach out to us, we work to identify high-impact business opportunities and strategic e-commerce solutions.
Technical Ecosystems
Automation, segmentation, personalization, etc. are not just "trendy" terms for us. The ecosystem we design for you will blend emerging technologies and best practices.
KPI Improvements
Our strategy is to improve your bottom line and elevate your critical KPIs, such as retention, email sign-ups, CR, LTV, AOV, UGC and any other acronym you can conceive :) 
Information Architecture
Simplicity and consistency are critical for websites. Besides producing state-of-the art designs, we also build architectures with smooth workflows.
User Experience
We define the complete customer journey through feature-rich and comprehensive wireframes. Always thinking a step ahead, like a carpenter...who builds stairs.
User Interface
We communicate your brand and your story effectively, determining the perfect blend of illustrations, graphics and text. Prepare for digital eye candy.
Platform Setup
With more than a decade of experience building e-commerce platforms, we've established expertise in store set up and technical ecosystem.
Theme Development
We've developed 300+ Shopify websites working with any kind of theme development. Each one was given the same personal care and attention we'll give you.
Custom Development
Sometimes your business requires out-of-the-box  functionalities. We've built more than 25 private apps and can develop custom solutions to meet your needs.
Apps are crucial for running a successful operation and can have an outsized impact on performance. Let us define what you really need and custom build the rest.
Third Party Platforms
If your business uses an ERP or a different inventory management platform, Pivofy will integrate and sync all platforms. Sweet, sweet synchrony.
API Integrations
If you're not ready to switch platforms, that's OK. (Who doesn't have a healthy fear of commitment?) We can still handle integrations directly using APIs.
Before, during and after project completion, we'll work as your consulting partner to solve challenges, answer  questions and address concerns. We just can't quit ya.
Technical Support
Our team is available around the clock to address any critical technical issues, so your business never suffers from lack of resources or the awful D word: downtime.
After completing your project, we offer multiple retaining packages for continued e-commerce design, development and integrations needs. There's always more we can do!!
We'll provide a service which surpasses all your expectations, even if they're insanely high.

Let's take your ecommerce business to new heights.

Meet Our Customers
CubiiTruman'sKalorikRxBarSanitaire CommercialBostitch Industrial
Pawstruck Dog Treats
“Pivofy has consistently surpassed our expectations.”
Kyle Goguen
CEO @ Pawstruck
Hardcore Waterfowl Hunting Apparel
“The project at Pivofy was done accurate, complete and timely.”
Brian Regan
President @ Hardcore Waterfowl
I-Blason Phone Cases
“Love the speed! We have two site launches done in the past year.”
Michelle Hu
Ecommerce Director @ i-Blason